Fine Arts Building to Become Ice Cream Shop for Cats

By: Larry Zerner                                                                           April 19, 2017


Multi-Millionaire developer and LSA Burger owner Sparky Pearson has pledged to rebrand the historic downtown Denton Fine Arts Building into Freezy Kitties, an ice cream shop for cats. The shop is said to be the first of its kind in the city of Denton.

“I do it for the pussy,” Pearson stated in a recent interview. “I already own every major business on the square geared towards human customers. Now I’d like to take a crack at getting some feline customers.” This bold strategy is sure to be a hit among the hipster elite.

The shop will feature flavors like “Rocky Rodent” and “Mississippi Mouse” along with a horde of hilariously titled fish, bird, and small mammal flavors. Famous cat food chef and television personality Rachel Ray is also said to be an investor in the venture.


The project is said to begin early this Summer and be completed by mid-June.


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