Denton Arts and Jazz Fest Bans Turkey Legs

By: Brian DeLuca                                                                         April 19, 2017


Officials announced late Tuesday evening that the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival will no longer be allowing the sale or consumption of fried turkey legs beginning with the 2017 festival. The new change in policy stems from a lawsuit filed by the Chick-Fil-A Corporation, a major financial contributor to the festival, who claims the celebrated fare will be unfair and direct competition with their own brand of chicken sandwiches.

“We won,” said City Councilman Kevin Roden. “Those turkey legs have been a nuisance for years, and it seems only fitting that a good Christian corporation should be the one to take them down! Bwahahahahaha!”

While it isn’t likely his enthusiasm will be shared, what is known is that only a turkey would be happy about something like that.


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